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Data Insurance And Data Protection Services

Electronic data happens to be one of the most prized assets of any company. This was one area which over a long span of time not regarded as a ‘real asset’ by insurance companies. There are only a few insurance companies which provide insurance to protect organizations from total loss of data and they usually provide machinery or electronic equipment policy. But, data the most valuable asset is often ignored which often leads to financial losses for companies. Webtechmate happens to be one of the very few companies which offers a broad coverage policy. Using our data insurance services, organizations can insure data worth in millions which not only covers revenue loss but also brand damage which may happen as a result of such a loss.

The areas in which we provide insurance services are:-

  • Software and hardware failures
  • Viruses and hacking
  • Need to improve corporate governance
  • Result of losing data on lower revenues and profits
  • Protection from court cases in case client data is lost

At Webtechmate, we make it a point to make data insurance policies available to data owners by using different market channels while following the rules and regulations of the industry, especially the ones related to policy sales jurisdiction. Both insurance organizations as well as technology sellers partner to deliver these types of policies as they are dual in nature. As a company which offers technical support services, we collaborate with insurance companies to provide with you high quality data insurance services.

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