By Will Eisner

ISBN-10: 0878160183

ISBN-13: 9780878160181

“Eisner used to be not just prior to his occasions; the current instances are nonetheless catching as much as him.”—John UpdikeA innovative novel, a freelance with God re-creates the local of Will Eisner's early life via a quartet of 4 interwoven tales. Expressing the enjoyment, exuberance, tragedy, and drama of existence at the legendary Dropsie road of the Bronx, a freelance with God is a huge success, a needs to within the library of any photograph novel fan.

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The other one still clutched at ClanFintan's — well, it felt good! " Alanna was clucking and arranging pillows. " ClanFintan bowed over my hand and turned it, palm up. My eyes shot open, and for a second I was scared he was going to bite me again. Instead, his gaze caught mine and held it while he kissed the middle of my palm. I mean really kissed it. Man, his lips were warm. Yep — it felt good. I'm telling you — Dad would like this guy. Dad always liked a guy who could keep me on my toes. Then he dropped my hand and moved quickly toward the door.

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A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner

by William

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