By Chris Ware

Jordan Wellington Lint, fifty-one, is leader govt officer of Lint monetary items, a firm he begun serving in 1985 as assistant and adviser sooner than operating his manner up its company ladder to record-setting innovation within the fields of finance and high-yield funding. In his seven years because the head of Lint, Jordan has grown the corporate from a company lender and genuine property speculator to a number one supplier of community monetary infrastructure prone, the entire whereas positioning Lint as a version of company integrity and high-yield, low-risk product. Lint's imaginative and prescient has made him the most influential and commonly sought-after leaders within the advanced Omaha securities undefined, and his clean method of an figuring out of neighborhood difficulties, management, and resolution have enabled Lint to outdistance and outpace its competitors.

Lint graduated from UNL in 1981 with a B.A. in company and in brief studied song and recording in l. a. sooner than returning to his fatherland of Omaha, Nebraska, the place he has persisted his lifestyles trip ever on account that. In his ongoing function as leader govt officer and his twin roles as public servant and father, Lint keeps to place his inventive management and imaginative and prescient to paintings in various not easy settings. he's married and the daddy of 2 boys.

The ACME Novelty Library #20 comprises a contributing bankruptcy to cartoonist ChrisWare's slow accretion of the continued photograph novel scan "Rusty Brown".

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