By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

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Both (3) and (5) are scoring options and they should be prepared to catch the ball in an all-purpose position. This is best accomplished by using a jump stop in a low stance. The players should be taught to say to themselves, "ball in the air, feet in the air," in order to catchall passes with their feet in the air and make all passes with their feet on the floor. When practiced enough, this prevents the players from catching the ball in a stride stop and then traveling by pivoting on their front foot to face the basket.

Diagram 2-19 UCLA Backdoor Diagram 2-20 The team can return to the basic pattern if (4) passes to (2). Diagrams 2-21 and 2-22 show (4) receiving the ball, (3) crossing the lane after downscreening, and (1) cutting to the ballside. This is followed by (4)'s second option downscreen for (5). ) Diagram 2-21 Shuffle 1 Diagram 2-22 Shuffle 2 Page 33 Dribble Entry Another way to handle defensive denial is via a dribble entry. Diagram 2-23 shows (1) dribbling at (2) and clearing (2) on a loop cut around (4) to the point.

If (1) cannot pass to (4), (1) passes to (3) at the point and the basic slash cut entry is run at the opposite side. See Diagrams 4-11 through 4-13. Diagram 4-11 Diagram 4-12 Slash Entry Page 56 Diagram 4-13 The point must be taught to set up on a particular side and not in the middle. This tells the ballside post to set up high and the offside post to play the low post. Post-to-Point Variation (1) passes to (2) and slashes off (4) to the low post, and (4) screens away for (3). But this time, (3) cuts low and away from the screen.

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