By Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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Thus it was also the first “extension campus,” where nonstudents could expand their learning. Aristotle put his students to work in all manner of scientific pursuits, from studying animals’ organs, to listing the champions at the Pythian Games, to classifying the constitutions of various Greek cities. This tendency to classify was clearly dear to Aristotle’s heart, as a look at Aristotelian (air-istoh-TEEL-yun) thought will show. ” Aristotle, on the other hand, would have called that nonsense. ” If this seems like mere common sense, it is a mark of how much Aristotle has affected the Western, and particularly American, approach to knowledge.

Hadrian’s role in securing their services showed how much he admired the young Marcus. Herodes Atticus (huh-ROH-deez AT-i-kuhs; c. D. 101–177) certainly did not need the job; he was an incredibly wealthy man. He agreed to tutor Marcus in Greek simply because Hadrian asked him to. Fronto (FRAHN-toh; c. D. 100–166), a consul and lawyer, took over Marcus’s education in Latin. Both men were highly respected orators (OHR-uh-turz), or speakers. Marcus becomes emperor Grooming Marcus to one day lead Rome, Hadrian had arranged the young man’s marriage to the daughter of his designated successor, Commodus (KAHM-uh-duhs).

His own Praetorian Guard was prepared to kill him, but Nero escaped to do the job himself. He waited until the Praetorians were about to take him; then he plunged the knife into his chest. His last words were, “Death! And so great an artist! That generosity extended to others as well. Marcus and Lucius gave the Praetorian Guard a gift equal to several years’ pay. They also established a fund to support the children of the poor. At the same time, they spent little on themselves, maintaining a dignified but simple life at the court.

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